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Designers Choose NetStores

It doesn’t take a visitor to long to figure out that V i X Swimwear is all about form—they design things that look good.

The company sells several lines of designer swimwear to boutiques and highend retail stores around the world. But one only has to order a suit online to also realize that the company also appreciates function—they chose the NetStores ecommerce solution.

Burity uses the NetStores drag-and-drop tools to create pages with Dreamweaver. He notes that the company has been able to adapt to his changing needs.

“Over the years they have added a lot of new features that fit my needs quite well,” he says. “I’m really pleased with the new UPS interface where you’re linked directly to the UPS shipping charges.” And though V i X started without a credit card gateway, he added one through NetStores as business continued to grow. “My experience with NetStores has been positive,” says designer Ze Burity.

“The system is very easy to set up.” They’ve added a lot of new features over the years.”

—Ze Burity, Designer V i x Swimwear

Businesses Choose NetStores

Todd Morin, owner of Web-based auto parts store, says he is happy to have come across NetStores by accident in early 2001.

“We started in 2000 on eBay, then began to grow using a Miva Merchant shopping cart,” he says. “The database structure didn’t work, and we were losing data. The checkout process was very slow.” “We were looking into a Java-based menu system for a new site,” he says. “We were close with another company before NetStores owner Adam Fishman called me (looking to buy an eBay product), and the rest is history.”

Morin took advantage of NetStores custom business integration services to build the reliable, powerful site he needed. NetStores built eeuroparts a custom toolkit, including a true relational database–driven OS X Server solution.

“The cart is fairly intuitive,” says Morin, “but the real story is the Java menu system, and database behind the site. NetStores was able to help us bring automotive products to the consumer with diagrams.” Morin also takes advantage of NetStores optional merchant account and credit card gateway. He says he believes that NetStores has helped his business to grow.

“We doubled our business after only three months with NetStores,” says Morin. “We are now taking over 1/3 of our orders online (not including eBay), and do about three times our pre- NetStores sales per month.” “The NetStores customer service has been great,”

Morin concludes. “No problem has gone unanswered. No problem has gone unanswered.”

—Todd Morin, Owner

Photographers Choose NetStores

When DigiStock owner Eric Kabik happened across NetStores by chance two years ago, he was not really satisfied with his order processing system. DigiStock, a stock photo agency that provides high-quality photographs to ad agencies and graphic designers, was able to display images online, but customers still had to do their purchasing the old-fashioned way — by phone. Now, DigiStock’s Royalty-FREE Line of stock images is sold through NetStores.

The highlight of the NetStores e-commerce solution is its flexibility, and the software is easily modified to manage downloadable products as well as shipped items. NetStores even co-locates some of the images, which take up a great deal of disk space, for DigiStock. “Through NetStores, clients can search and locate the images, select from three sizes, and purchase and download the image.

It was a huge advancement for us,” says Kabik. Kabik is also the website designer. “I design the site and work with NetStores tools to modify it,” he says. He uses the NetStores dynamic template technology with direct HTML coding to customize the product presentation.

“The Netstores solution is fast and easy to learn,” he adds, “and we had the site up and running in a very short time frame. It’s a brilliant tool.” DigiStock also takes advantage of NetStores optional merchant account and credit card gateway for instant credit card verification—essential for downloadable products. “I was attracted by the price for the available functionality,” Kabik says.

Kabik says his experience with NetStores has been very positive. “The staff at Netstores has been incredibly helpful, courteous and easy to work with,” he concludes. “NetStores is fast and easy to learn— we had the site up and running fast.”

—Eric Kabik, Owner DigiStock llc., found at, uses NetStores to process orders for downloadable stock photography.

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